The cause of the fracture of the cone crusher

Time: 2018-09-11

The cause of the fracture of the cone crusher

The fracture of the cone crusher spindle may be affected by two factors, one is the cause of the spindle itself, and the other is the cause of the production process. These main reasons are analyzed below.

Analysis of the cause of the spindle itself:

  • 1. The structure is unreasonable. When the interference between the main shaft and the moving cone is relatively large, or the unloading groove is not provided, the stress concentration of the main shaft will occur, the bearing capacity will be too large, and the main shaft will be fatigued, which will cause damage. In addition, when the spindle is designed to be relatively small, it is prone to "over-iron" problems, which in turn leads to breakage.
  • 2. The manufacturing quality is unqualified. In the manufacturing process of the main shaft, the heat treatment work is not well done, and the material is generally reduced, which reduces the pressure resistance of the main shaft. Once the unbreakable material is encountered, the problem of the main shaft breaking is likely to occur.

Analysis of the causes during the production process:

  • 1. Lubrication problems. If the friction of the spherical surface of the body is too serious and the spindle is inserted too much into the bushing, the running clearance will be reduced, the oil temperature will be too high, and the problem of the shaft of the burning bush will be generated, and the tapered portion of the spindle will be easily broken.
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  • 2. Over-iron and overload. On the one hand, if there is frequent over-iron in the production process, the spindle is very prone to breakage. On the other hand, if the cone crusher is operated under overload for a long time, the spindle is also prone to breakage.
  • 3. The device is stuck. If the feed particle size is too large or unbreakable substances enter the machine, the material blockage problem is likely to occur, resulting in the device being stuck, and to some extent, the spindle fracture problem.
  • 4. Equipment is aging. If the production environment of the cone crusher is relatively bad, it will cause a great impact on the components such as the spindle, and the components will start to age and the fault will occur frequently.