Attapulgite powder vertical mill

Attapulgite powder vertical mill

Attapulgite belongs to sepiolite family, is a silicate mineral, with a special fiber structure and unusual colloid and adsorption properties, hardness is not high, it can be directly carried out after breaking through Raymond mill grinding process to obtain a bump stick powder can be applied to many areas.

Attapulgite is mainly used for oil refining plants, molecular sieve support, energy saving building materials, oil drilling salt, high temperature mud raw materials, processing aids and food additives do, refrigerator deodorant, wastewater treatment agent, oil refining bleaching agents, packing for drugs in medicine, carriers, additives, adhesive, use is really endless.

Attapulgite clay have "soil universal" reputation, desiccant, molecular sieves, catalysts, oil bleaching agent, environmentally friendly materials, paper retention agents have broad application prospects. China is rich attapulgite resources, including Jiangsu Xuyi attapulgite resources of 890 million tons, accounting for 74% of reserves, about 48% of world reserves. At present, Jiangsu Xuyi attapulgite industrial processing enterprises 55, the production capacity of 500,000 tons, the output value of 2 billion yuan, mainly oil bleaching agent series, desiccant, molecular sieve, catalyst series, carrier series of products, purification products, paper and aids retention agents, water treatment and functional materials and other products.

Because applications attapulgite is very wide, for processing powder fineness requirements vary, want to engage in the grinding process, we can not use a single mill, a well-known grinder, vertical mill manufacturers ZENITH Ray Mongolian mill fineness can be adjusted according to customer requirements, in the normal production process, the finished product can be adjusted to the desired fineness for processing, high yield, high efficiency energy saving equipment.

ZENITH main production: R series Pendulum Grinder, HCH series of ultra-fine milling machine, HC vertical tilting Mill, HCQ series milling machines, HC vertical tilting large milling machine, HLM vertical milling machine , HLMX superfine vertical milling machine to meet the attapulgite powder 20 mesh coarse powder to 3000 mesh ultra-fine powder processing, and output from 1 ton to 80 ton per hour.

ZENITH With its experience in the powder contained dozens of equipment manufacturing industry, the powder processing enterprises to provide a full range of professional milling solutions. ZENITH will come to the system configuration optimization and scientific equipment selection based on the actual operating status. ZENITH engineers on the customer's specific process requirements and product fineness requirements of the feed system, the host grinding system, grading system, fans and collecting system for a reasonable configuration is the most scientific solutions to optimize the milling of different materials to meet customer nature, different processing requirements. If you have a need, welcome to buy ZENITH mill, we will make you satisfied.