Barium sulphate vertical mill

Barium sulphate vertical mill

ZENITH vertical roller mill erection activity is used for grinding of coal, petroleum coke, anthracite and other explosive fuels. The equipment meets the safety and operation requirements, e.g. instantaneous release of overpressure caused by an explosion of the material. The mill releases exploded material out of the area of the grinding plant. Fire is extinguished by water inside the mill and by sealing of all flexible parts against access of ambient air with oxygen. Part of the mill is the dynamic air separator, which respects the same standards as the mill itself.

Advantages OF barium sulphate vertical mill:

1.No contact between runners and casing;

2.Quick adjustment of grinding pressure by adjustment hydraulic-pneumatic pressures;

3.Easy access for replacement of runners, casing and segments of the rotating table without dismantling of the grinding chamber and separator;

4.Reduced foundation requirement due to reduced external forces;

5.Electric power saving by narrowed mill body for lift of ground material without recirculation;

6.Responsive and continuous regulation of product fineness;

7.Suitable for drying of free flowing raw materials at high air temperature.

Barium sulphate vertical mill Manufacturer:

ZENITH is a leading supplier of specialized equipment and complete production plants for mining and the building material and mineral processing industries. For more than 20 years ZENITH has been involved in the design and construction of vertical roller mill erection activity, lime works, quarry and crushing plants, as well as gravel and sand pits.