Cement raw material milling

Cement raw material milling

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Cement Clinker Grinding Machine

The current world consumption of cement is about 1.5 billion tonnes per annum and it is increasing at about 1% per annum.

The electrical energy consumed in cement production is approximately 110 kWh/tonne, and around 40% of this energy is consumed for clinker grinding. There is potential to optimise conventional cement clinker grinding circuits and in the last decade significant progress has been achieved. The increasing demand for “finer cement” products, and the need for reduction in energy consumption and green house gas emissions, reinforces the need for grinding optimisation.

For all dry grinding applications, cement production is certainly the most important. The estimate for the world energy consumption for cement production is 18.7 TWh which is approximately 0.02% of total world energy consumption per year. The world consumption of cement was about 1.72 billion tones in 2002 and it is increasing at about 1% per annum.

Cement production process typically involves:

• grinding limestone (and other raw materials to achieve the right chemical composition) to about 90% passing 90 microns in a dry circuit,

• making cement by the chemical reaction between the components of the ground mixture. This chemical reaction occurs at high temperature in a rotary kiln,

• grinding the cement clinker nodules to 100% passing 90 microns in a dry circuit.

Grinding occurs at the beginning and the end of the cement making process. Approximately 1.5 tonnes of raw materials are required to produce 1 tonne of finished cement. The electrical energy consumed in the cement making process is in order of 110 kWh/tonne and about 30% of which is used for the raw materials preparation and about 40% for the final cement production by cement clinker grinding. Production costs and environmental concerns are emphasizing the need to use less energy and therefore the development of more energy efficient machines for grinding and classification.