Concrete Recycling Equipment

Concrete Recycling Application

A wide range of mills has been developed for particular applications. Some types of Concrete is widely used as a fundamental material for construction and infrastructure. In recent years, approximately 35 million tons of demolished concrete are being generated every year. 95% of the concrete is recycled using cascade recycling and subsequently reused as low-quality road sub base. High quality level recycling in which recycled aggregate is made from concrete, is not carried out at present. Zenith is professional supplier of concrete recycling equipment and processing plant.

Concrete Recycling Production Process

In the concrete recycling production process, the waste concrete materials will be first collected and crushed to particle size less than 50mm by crushing plant. And then the crushed demolished concrete is heated to approximately 300℃, the cement paste is made brittle by dehydration. To remove the cement paste from the surface of aggregate, the heated concrete is rubbed in a mill by media. Then, the coarse aggregate and the removed mortar are sent into the secondary rubbing equipment. All the aggregate from secondary equipment is fed into a 5mm vibrating screen and separated into coarse and fine aggregate. There are many different types of concrete recycling equipment involved in the production process.

Concrete Recycling Equipment Manufacturer

Zenith is a global supplier of technology and services to customers in the process industries, including mining, construction, and recycling etc. Our research and development focuses on environmental technology about the services business and the development of smart applications. We carry out research and development work in close co-operation with our customers. Zenith has been a world famous manufacturer of concrete recycling equipment and processing plant. This processing equipment shows excellent performance in recycling, mining and construction industry. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us, our experts will design a best solution for you.