Adjustment method of VSI sand making machine transmission device

Adjustment method of VSI sand making machine transmission device

As a well-known professional sand making machine manufacturer in Henan Province, Shanghai ZENITH Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the R&D and production of sand making machine. The main purpose is to improve the service life, production efficiency and equipment quality of the sand making machine equipment. Satisfactory and assured sand making equipment. At present, the sand making machine market is saturated, and in this huge development space, invisible pressure has enveloped all mining machinery manufacturers. In this fierce competition, Shanghai ZENITH Machinery continues to be self-innovative and based on its solid foundation. The products have been upgraded, which has won the market and numerous recognitions, and has become a model for the development of the mining machinery industry.

In terms of the performance of today's sand making machines, the high efficiency, low energy consumption and other characteristics make users rely on it. However, for the sand making machine, the professional operation technology can maximize the performance of the sand making equipment. Therefore, the Shanghai ZENITH mechanical sand making machine manufacturer will explain the modulation method of the traditional device of the impact type VSI sand making machine. So that the sand making machine can provide high profits for the majority of users with efficient production efficiency.

The dual motor drive is the two electric components that are mounted on the ends of the assembly of the spindle. Such a motor pulley is coupled with a belt and a spindle belt. The intent of this is to ensure that the forces on both ends of the spindle are uniform and that no additional torque is applied. The new transmission equipment scheme is intended to ensure the high efficiency and energy saving of the sand making machine. In the equipment, the size of the belt should be suitable. Pay attention to the uniform tension of the belt and ensure that the force of the belt is balanced. In the case of a two-motor drive, the triangles at both ends must be grouped for distribution, and the length and strength of each group should be as close as possible.

At the same time, it is necessary to stop the observation door on time to check the internal wear of the sand making machine, the wear degree of the central feeding pipe, the cone cap, the impeller upper and lower runner lining, the circumferential guard plate and the wear block. Replace or repair in time; replace the wear block at the same time to ensure the same weight of the wear block; do not open the observation door to observe the internal working condition during the working process of the sand making machine to avoid danger; find the wear of the impeller body in time to find the manufacturer to repair The sand making machine adds an appropriate amount of grease every 400 hours of operation, and the spindle assembly is opened for 2000 hours to clean the bearing. The general work is 7200 hours, and the new bearing is replaced; the upper end of the main shaft assembly is a swimming end, and the lower end bearing is a fixed end. Pulling the pulley by hand after assembly should be flexible.

The adjustment of all aspects of the sand making machine is conducive to the overall performance of the overall performance, and later Shanghai ZENITH will share more relevant knowledge with you. Sand making machinery and equipment is an indispensable mechanical product in the sand and gravel production industry. In the development of ZENITH, it will continue to improve in response to China's resource development needs. At present, all sand making machine manufacturers have been developing towards intelligent direction. I believe that In the near future, the sand production line will reach the fully automated production mode standard, greatly reducing manual operations, reducing long-term investment for users, and greatly improving overall production efficiency.