Zircon Sand Making Machine

Zircon Sand Making Machine

Stone crusher and sand making machine how selection? is provided by ZENITH,And it's widely used in many practical fields. ZENITH is a professional production Stone crushing plant(Stone crusher and sand making machine how selection?) manufacturers,We have a wealth of experience and the most advanced technology. If you need any crushing, grinding, process equipment, you can contact us by free online consultation or leave us a message by the following form.

Stone Crusher sand maker and how to select?
The total is well known, aggregates production line design and selection of construction sand production line project is the top priority,

Through line different of process design, different of hosts selection and produced of different quality results, process design, and hosts selection right, not only can makes production out of products of particles shape, and particles level distribution, and Super Hudson diameter material than, and containing mud volume, and containing mud block volume, meet national standards and customer requirements, more important of is, right selection, and right selection production process can greatly reduced investment production cost.

This is also a lot before buying the crusher, a client attaches great importance to the issue. Specializing in the production of Crusher sand production line equipment and accessories manufacturer, Contracting project of Zhengzhou prosperous company received many customers each day on the issue of selection of Crusher

So, market common building stone in different production lines of host equipment selection is probably the kind of situations? Produce 50 tons to 500 tons each which type of crusher is used then?

For General hardness, such as limestone, granite, and other items, consider using DPC single stage hammer Crusher with Optima, one device can handle it. Single stage hammer Crusher with large deposits can be a crushing to the ground the size you want, instead of the traditional two-stage crushing, has the advantage of simple process, saving on production costs, can be applied to aggregates production lines, and is particularly suitable for numerous sand and gravel production enterprise demands for a one-time break brittle minerals such as limestone. Its wear parts-the big teeth Crusher hammers, resistant to wear and tear of hard limestone, raised using 100%-200%.

DPC single-stage hammer Crusher of small-DPC1412, DPC1616, respectively for customer requirement is produced 50-100 tons, 100-150 tons of production, medium, DPC1818, DPC2018, capable of producing 100-150 tons, 150-250 tons of output, large DPC2022, suitable for large cement plants and gravel operations.

For abnormal hardness of materials such as pebbles, River pebbles, taking into account the use of DPC hammer Crusher wear grave, optional +PF PE impact crusher for processing.

VSI sand making machine for the production of high fine building sand is provided by ZENITH,And it's widely used in many practical fields. ZENITH is a professional production Stone crushing plant(VSI sand making machine for the production of high fine building sand) manufacturers,We have a wealth of experience and the most advanced technology. If you need any crushing, grinding, process equipment, you can contact us by free online consultation or leave us a message by the following form.

VSI sand making machine is used for producing high fine building sand
Currently, engineering industries very large sand directly fuelling their corresponding follow-up force to the machinery manufacturing industry. Due to current construction specification requirements have been significantly improved a lot than ever before, so gravel specifications began gradually to high demand further excessive fine grade sand, it is at this point, Shanghai machinery research and development to produce Xuan VSI sand making machine, making it suitable for high production of fine grade sand for construction.

VSI sand making machine based on the original sand technology, summarizes the disadvantages and advantages of using high-performance feeding control device and a detection device, VSI sand making machine can improve on the original particle grade level a notch, and you can make a good profit.

VSI high fine grade sand-maker not only has its unique place on the crushing Chamber, more material has its unique place in the control. Because cycling equipment often forms the huge range of items exported to the, in order to solve this problem, Shanghai Xuan’s application engineering staff a one-off pressing fine screen for basic grading equipment, and leave the high inclination of inclined plane device. When items are stacked to a certain extent, the dip is a rolling effect under the action of gravity and take away all the excess product. Doing this will greatly facilitate the automatic renewal of material effects.

Shanghai Xuan world mechanical production of new VSI business sand machine applies Yu various ore, and cement, and refractories, and aluminum where soil clinker, and diamond sand, and glass material, and mechanism building sand, and stone and various metallurgical slag, special on SIC, and diamond sand, and sintering aluminum bauxite, and beauty sand, high hard, and special hard and the wear Eclipse material,, that reduced has using artificial sand to natural brings of against for “green” do a copies contribution, also solution has natural sand sand volume less and sand mass poor of problem, meet has engineering industry with sand of needs.

Artificial sand and gravel making machine maintenance measures is provided by ZENITH,And it's widely used in many practical fields. ZENITH is a professional production Sand making plant(Artificial sand and gravel making machine maintenance measures) manufacturers,We have a wealth of experience and the most advanced technology. If you need any crushing, grinding, process equipment, you can contact us by free online consultation or leave us a message by the following form.

The majority of users are sure to have a good gravel production line maintenance problems, mastered these not only allow you sand and gravel production line equipment have a whole understanding, but also to learn more sand making equipment knowledge, better for your investment to reduce costs and achieve maximum profit, turns out to be fully staffed, we say hearts are more than the body, so we sincerely hope that every investment gravel production line customers and friends should seriously study sand production line maintenance skills.

No matter what kind of machinery and equipment, some of them do routine maintenance and repair, can bring the maximum benefit to the user. For a mechanical device, sand and gravel production line equipment routine maintenance is also crucial. I produced the exploitation of sand and gravel production line is put over the rocks, ores, sand, pebbles and other stones broken into a series of devices, as a result of the efforts, so that a high proportion of broken scientific gravel production line equipment maintenance technology can effectively reduce wear and equipment of practical life, of course, reduce unnecessary to Information.

Crusher and other crushing equipment maintenance and overhaul is designed to repair and replacement of damaged, worn parts, in order to restore their ability to work, to ensure the safe operation of the machine. Including routine maintenance and periodic inspections. The work carried out by full-time staff. Crusher operation three months after re-tighten the fasteners to respond once. Sand and gravel production line equipment maintenance work is regular, does not affect your productivity, regularly maintain your equipment. For the maintenance of gravel production line equipment maintenance must be done, this can effectively extend the life of gravel production equipment, but also to reduce the number of unexpected problems, to ensure the normal operation of the production line.

Sand production line dry lubricating oil lubrication, machine inside the bearing cavity amount of half to two-thirds of each class of work, the added amount of grease. Sand and gravel production line equipment is also available clean gasoline or oil to clean, like jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, etc. These efficient machines. Meanwhile, we also pay attention to regularly stop to open the door to observe the internal observation crusher wear, as well as the center of the machine into the feed tube, the cone hat, the impeller, indecent Road liner, circular shield, the degree of wear wearable pieces of wear should be replaced or repaired, should be replaced at the same replaceable wear block to ensure that the same weight wearable pieces. Prohibited crusher process open the door to observe the inner workings of observation, as well as the most important thing is to pay attention to safety issues. Sand production line work process, belonging to high-speed operation of crushing equipment, should pay special attention to safety. The staff should stay away from sand and gravel production line equipment, machine repair on For, it must be operated only after power.

The domestic industries are all pacing their ways to the modernization and most Chinese transactions and projects related to many industries are developing positively. However, there are a lot of problems in front of the sand maker enterprises. Compared with the sand makers made by other foreign manufacturers, the domestic equipment has disadvantages of lagging technology and poor quality.

Some reports say that there are many coastal cities using the sea sand to build houses which are easy to be damaged with poor quality. We should aware that the sea sand is not suitable to be applied in the construction industry. It’s urgent for the Chinese mining machinery companies to start to turn their attention to the creation and application of the machine made sand.

Sand making machine is also called vertical shaft impact crusher, which is widely used in mine, Sandstone,

bauxite, quartz sand,etc. It has the features of high crushing ratio, energy-saving; crushing mid-hardness and ultrahard materials; final product is cubic; low environment pollution.

Features of sand maker

1) Reasonable and simple structure,low operating cost;Lower failure rate

2) Low energy consumption, high yield,big crushing ratio;

3) Little affected by the moisture content;Easy maintenance

Our company is famous for all kinds of sand makers and has adopted the latest technology. We believe that we will provide customers with both good products and services.

The impact sand making machine produced by ZENITH Company improves itself in technology. It adopts the counterattack hammer and counterattack plate inside, making it possible to fine crush materials by hammer blow and counterattack. It is easy to operate and the gravel aggregate produced has a good grain shape. Some small pore sized stone achieved 100% in the schistose rate. The sand produced by the whole set of sand making machine, containing the crushing, screening and reshaping equipment, obvious well-shaped than before. The traditional sand making way is to crush first by the jaw crusher after the rock blasting, and then choose impact crusher or vertical impact crusher to conduct the intermediate crushing according to the hardness and the fineness needed of the stone, and at last produce the standard grain by the sand making machine. The wet type sand making machine method also requires the stone being washed by the sand washer, then coming out the clean and qualified building sand.

Feature of VSI sand making machine

1. Large capacity, high output:50-500t/h. Under the same power compared to the traditional equipment, the output is increased by 30%

2. Low wearing parts consumption:30% lower than conventional equipment running cost, directly reduces the use cost of the equipment.

3. Good grain shape – products are cube, grain shape good, reasonable gradation, adjustable fineness modulus; Especially suitable for artificial sand and stone plastic, practice has proved that plastic effect increased by 30% compared with the traditional equipment.

4. Hydraulic device, easy to maintain, hydraulic drive cover device, make the crushing cavity internal maintenance convenient, shorten the down time, save time and effort largely

5. Automatic detection, safe and reliable – set vibration display and alarm device, the alarm will ring when the equipment is abnormally running, making the equipment stop work, achieve the purpose of protect the machine

6. Thin oil lubrication, automatic maintenance – Germany original thin oil lubrication station, double oil pump complementary to ensure oil supply, automatic stop when no oil, no oil pressure; Oil cooling and heating device to ensure that the bearing lubrication is always in the best state. So as to thoroughly solve the problem such as bearing heating, make the spindle bearings to maintain constant temperature, prolong maintenance cycle and service life.

7. Installation is simple, easy to operate, light weight, installation method various, mobile installation; Installation, repair and maintenance is simple, operation easy to use; you can maximize its excellent performance.

8. Multi-usage, flexible application – the unique feeding crushing structure, and has many kinds of crushing cavity type, can be very convenient to realize “stone hit stone” and “stone while the iron is hot” conversion, thus solves the problem of multi-usage. You can change the VSI crusher application without making big adjustments, to adapt to the different needs of users: system of artificial sand, gravel, plastic, abrasive materials, etc.

9. International quality assurance – the latest German technology and advanced riveting technology application and the process of the appearance of the sandblasting derusting treatment and paint spraying technology applications, greatly improved the equipment’s inner quality and appearance quality. Core parts were picked from the international famous brand (with high precision grades of TIMKEN bearings rolling bearing), make sure the system low failure rate.

10. pay attention to environmental protection – sand making equipment work with low noise, no pollution. greatly reduces the outside air volume, reduce dust, conducive to environmental protection.